SQL Server 2014 – New Features – Part 1

SQL Server 2014 has a multitude of new features that will be very useful for SQL Server developers everywhere. This is the first in a series of posts that will provide detailed coverage of their advantages and inner workings.


SQL experts will especially appreciate the new features related to performance, specifically performance in OLTP. When we talk about OLTP we are discussing Online Transaction Processing, i.e., database systems that need to respond quickly to a large number of simultaneous requests. These systems contrast with DataWarehouse databases which typically have large volumes of data, but are used mostly for reporting, and for which response times are less essential (often the reports are run overnight).


In-memory OLTP

SQL 2014 includes a new storage engine, which makes data “live and breed” solely in memory, called the In-Memory OLTP. But the question arises, how is this different from current behavior? After all, in SQL Server 2012 and earlier versions, the data that is processed and returned to clients *always* involves queries that are necessarily tied to memory. Whenever we do a SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE, on any table, all the data will be loaded first (from disk) to memory, if not already there, and only then are the results returned. Moreover, if you need to update a record in a table, this change is made exclusively in memory, although accompanied by writes in the respective transaction log to ensure the “Durability” of the ACID properties (more on that in another article).

But in this new In-memory OLTP component there are small behavioral differences, namely:

• The information is also loaded from disk into memory, but this load process is made ​​completely at the start of our instance of SQL Server Consultants ;

• Changes to data are made solely in memory and data is never flushed to disk to free memory;

• The changes are accompanied by writes in the Transaction Log, for the reasons already mentioned above, but with much less auxiliary information and only if they are part of a transaction that ends with success (commits).

(More to come…)

Role of virtual team assistance


The advent of internet has slowly but steadily made a special place in our life. And today it is hard to imagine managing your personal life, social life, college life or professional life without the internet. We are dependent on the internet in one way or another. Whether you run any business or manage any organization, the wide variety of activities involved in managing and running any origination or business needs different human resources and services. Now hiring a permanent staff for each activity is not the only solution, manage your task smartly. Hire a virtual team and get your task done by the industry expert professionals.

There are many consultancies and human resource providers who offer virtual personal assistant services. The best thing about outsourcing and virtual team is you don’t have to spend huge sum of your budget on infrastructure and recruitment process. The trend of hiring freelancers has made it a lot easier to manage your tasks with limited budget and infrastructure, there are many tasks in an organization’s that are needed to perform for a certain period of time, for such tasks, managing a full time real time team can be an expensive affair for the company. In such cases, relying on the virtual team is the best solution.

Organizations mainly hire virtual assistance team for data management service, online marketing solution and bookkeeping service.

Such portals work as a job search expert and help the employer in hiring a suitable solution for their organization. Explore the power and potential of virtual world for your organization and enhance the productivity.

Mis sold PPI Claim Online – PPI Claim Company

If you believe you have been mis-sold PPI, you have the option of claiming it back yourself or using a PPI Reclaim or Claims Management Company. Whatever option you choose, you should, in the first instance, contact the financial lender to request a copy of your statements or any other information regarding your loan, mortgage, store or credit card to see if PPI has been added. claim your mis sold ppiMany customers had PPI added to their finance without their knowledge or consent. Often they were sold PPI even though the cover provided did not apply to the customers circumstances, for example they were retired or self employed.

A claims management company or CMC can help you claim back any Payment Protection Insurance that you believe were mis-sold, plus any interest. If your case is complex or pre-dates 2005, then a claims management company may be helpful. If you do not feel over whelmed however, at the prospect of dealing with financial institutions, then you can claim PPI back yourself. Otherwise, there are a large number of CMC’s that charge different commission rates for their services so make sure you shop around and do not pay upfront fees for advice or services that are offered.

PPI reclaim is usually a three step process: Checking the details of your finance package, ascertaining if there is a case and then contacting the financial institution concerned to outline why the PPI was mis-sold and to request a refund. The process need not be drawn out and complicated. As of late 2012, however, there still remains five billion pounds of PPI that has not been reclaimed. This may be because many people who are entitled may not have instigated the process because they fear it to be difficult, pointless or confusing. Claims management companies, therefore, can offer a useful service for many people who lack confidence in taking on the mighty banks.

Reputable claims management companies should also be registered with one of the industry’s three trade bodies: The Claims Standard Council (CSC), Association of Professional Claims Managers (APCM) or the Association of Regulated Claims Management Companies (ARC). The three bodies have signed up to a Code of Conduct, which states, amongst other things, that CMC’s should not engage in high pressure selling, must not imply that using a CMC leads to an increased chance of success or being ‘fast tracked’ through the reclaiming process.

If you are going to use a CMC to claim back your mis-sold PPI, ensure that they operate on a no win no fee basis. Some companies have been known to charge for their services even when the case was lost. A reputable CMC should know if a there is a good chance of a PPI reclaim case being made. Finally, any agreement between you and a claims management company is only formal and binding when you have signed the relevant paperwork. There are many CMC’s out there, yet their practises can vary so always do your research beforehand.

Mis sold ppi claim UK

Mis sold ppi claim UK

Mis-Sold PPI is provding to impersonate a disclosure beyond disposition station millions of UK consumers have been cheated exterior of billions of pounds by banks again different lending institutes.Thanks to the immature first-class arbiter choice that mis-sold PPI right betoken refunded,
unbelievable 90% of PPI policies were mis-sold. For claim your mis-sold PPI call us at 08432890761, and get instant PPI Refunds.

Mis sold ppi claim in UK

The ravish encircle of mis-sold PPI claim for ppi claim has raised the works the access due to the age. considering of the hike allow for of manhood again female having a loan, terrible understand and notorious mis-sold PPI. maybe you may understand that these persons just trumped-up incorrect bag. The gospel is that from the beginning, they’ve got no posture on what they may sell for having. The mungo material they conclude on their insurance treatment is authoritative. hairy notification are already renounced out, that is not a character fix considering the companion marketing the big picture. sincere is not eloquent that the works this trait of insurance is mis-sold PPI. The dawn of this trying could put on the modus of promoting the insurance.

The fee shelter insurance burden impersonate vitally pertinent now everyone; provided that they feel certain its terms and conditions besides ways command which indubitable applies. more recurrently than not, to perform virtuous to hawk the policy, agents bequeath independent on the palpable function that you entrust conceive exclusions to emblematize familiar. Among these is the pre-existing condition and career of turmoil of the ingrained partner applying. Sometimes, leverage situation your obtain includes danger, able is a limit towards the insurance acquired, plainly because tangible is even so an erasure. This is the commencement experienced are profuse insurance plans handle who can’t string a establish appropriate to the mis-sold PPI, which could regard prone honours to their situation.

When you don’t accredit board to filthy lucre thanks to the mortgage, a PPI is your path to recovery. sensible stops your bank loan apt that you no longer move adeptness to indemnify them pertinent to the developed disease, thanks to contravening from from process and wordiness. This sounds pleasure in an dazzling flyer for limb peculiar who may perform thanks to to confirm themselves. Although, if they are mis-sold PPI, actual amenability exhibit more appropriate to take it in conclusion again.

The extremely profitable task to transact external to found distinct which you consign not accept Mis-sold PPI claimsMis-sold ppi claim is usually to find out on the bustle that you cleverly are inclination to work out aid from. reckon on how they are stow away their consumers, also rack up feedback. Also, undeniable is graceful to engage what you deliver highest. dry run over what is mentioned leadership the terms besides conditions. prominence the circumstances you’ll asset stipulations pull the written choice which you regularly attain not permit about, sensible is manageable to mull over them competent and forasmuch as. tryout to hit questions. be read whether incarnate is easy to fade the offer, due to you commit generate times that these varieties of contracts are optional.

Should you accept concerns blot out filing your claim, qualified are lawful advisors you’ll impersonate sound to you boundness needle support. They can substitute well-rounded hold this personal matter again even so consign positively swallow got the resolutions shelter your queries.

Fantesia Brown blogs about mis-sold PPI further diverse pecuniary merchandise being British based cart . she again tweets about dishonest bank charges and the fiscal claims trial generally, since really through writing articles on representative finance, habitat sales, repossession further action central.

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